Energy Efficiency


The most cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption is to increase energy efficiency. Being aware of this, Grupo Empresarial Electromédico develops a constant and reference work in the matter. It has the experience and training to carry out maintenance of all conventional installations of the buildings. Grupo Empresarial Electromédico develops studies for the implementation of Energy Efficiency measures, with economic viability.

Certified savings

INCOSACertified by INCOSA, Energy Savings due to
ROSS system installation go from 25% to 75%.

edificio por fuera

It allows the regulation of lighting, and HVAC(prior study of the installed system) depending on the occupancy, what also translates into energy savings and CO2 emissions.

Lighting will be regulated depending on the occupancy, if there are DALI lights it is possible to have different light intensity within the same room.

interior eficiencia

It is possible to have different temperature in rooms separated by a glass wall, as the system is able to interpret this transparent partition.

The ROSS system considers luminosity coming from outside the room (natural light through windows for example), and therefore adjusts the room’s luminosity according to the lighting profile previously created.

European GEE collaborations

Grupo Empresarial Electromédicoalso works at a European level,
being present in projects such as Interreg Sudoe and ReUseHeat.

Interreg Sudoe

Generation of Energy Efficiency models, based on existing hospitals, for building’s renovation.


Pilot program for the use of hospital’s residual heat. Grupo Empresarial Electromédico is demonstrator in the healthcare field.

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