Internationally patented ad hoc algorithm

This algorithm allows the system to determine human presence with high reliability, by differentiating all non human beings elements of the room.



The differentiating characteristic of this algorithm, is the adaptation to temperature changes that may occur within the controlled space by updating the reference values of the presence sensor, in both areas, those where there is no human presence and those where there is. In the following image, all the elements the algorithm differentiates in the room, determining human presence within the room, are displayed in red.


The algorithm differentiates between walls, doors, windows and other architectural elements. In case there are two rooms separated by a glass wall, presence in one of them, will not affect the other, and viceversa.

sala completa
sala vacía

There are elements that irradiate heat, but the algorithm also differentiates these from human beings, and do not consider them for lighting and HVAC regulation.

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